Cum Shot Bachelorette Party Candy

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Cum Shots is one of our grossest, but funniest, candies for bachelorette parties. Get it from the party planning experts at

Hot Facts

  • Cum Shots Marshmallow Candy
  • Shoots out of a penis
  • Gooey and tasty

Item Description

So, what, penis candies aren't risque enough for you? You're going to need bodily fluids as well? Then the Cum Shots are for you, brave soul. The Cum Shot comes in a penis-shaped tube, which is filled with gooey, foam, marshmallow candy.

Push it out slowly or squeeze it hard for a volcanic eruption. This cotton-candy flavored goo is ... purple?! I don't know what kind of dick the makers of Cum Shots have been dealing with, but purple semen seems like a sign of infection. Probably gonorrhea, but maybe even ebola. They should get that shit checked out.

Cum Shots is very sweet and very sticky—be careful where you spray this thing.

You get one package of jizz candy per order. 50 grams. (About seven inches of peen.)

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