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Gummy Love Rings are a pack of three cherry-flavored gummy candies shaped and packaged like penis rings. Bad as a sex aid, great as a gag gift.

Hot Facts

  • 3 per pack
  • Cherry flavor
  • Gummy penis rings

Item Description


Have we got your attention? Great.

Penis rings, for those of you who don’t know, are a type of sex aid for couples designed to improve male performance. These rings, usually made of silicone or metal, slide around the base of the penis and constrict, reducing the blood flow out of the penis. This results in firmer, longer lasting erections, which in turn leads to more pleasure for both partners.

Doesn’t really sound like the sort of thing we normally sell here at, does it? That’s because it isn’t. But we couldn’t help but make an exception this time, because these aren’t like any other penis rings out there.

Gummy Love Rings, instead of being made of a sturdy material like metal or silicone, are made of - you guessed it - fruity gummy candy. They certainly can be slid around the base of the penis, but they aren’t going to do much constricting anything. And if they somehow result in firmer, longer lasting erections, your dude might just have a fetish for candy.

What Gummy Love Rings CAN do is add some extra hilarity to your bachelorette party. Leave them out on the table and wait for unsuspecting guests to ask what they are, make a game out of sliding them around a banana, bite into them seductively while winking at the male stripper... is there anything these gummy rings CAN’T do?

(Yes. They can’t be used as an actual sex aid. Not that we’ve tried. Of course not...)

3 Cherry-Flavored Gummy Love Rings per pack.

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