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Naughty Mints Pinata Packs SALE
Naughty Mints Pinata Packs SALE
Naughty Mints Pinata Packs SALE

Naughty Mints Pinata Packs

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Naughty Mints are the perfect bachelorette party snack to fill your penis pinata! These mints come in individual bags with naughty phrases on them that the guests will love.

Hot Facts

  • 25 bags of mints
  • Approx. 3 mints per bag
  • Naughty phrases on packages
  • Item Description

    We want to help you stuff your dick.

    Yeah, you heard us right. Sounds a little backwards, doesn’t it? Normally it’s the dicks that do the stuffing. But not at your bachelorette party. It’s time to turn the tables, and see how that pecker likes being filled to the brim with raunchiness.

    We’re talking, of course, about penis pinatas. And what better to fill a penis pinata than mints with naughty sayings on them? Usually you hear the naughty things before the penis comes out, but now you’ve got to smash the penis before the naughty things come out. We’ve sold a variety of naughty candies and mints that could go inside a pinata for years now, but now we’re proud to present you with some of the best pinata stuffers we’ve ever sold: individually wrapped packs of mints.

    These cute and sassy breath mints are available in a convenient format for pinatas and other bachelorette party games. The large bag contains 25 smaller fun-size bags, each of which has a naughty phrase printed on it, like “Strip for me!” or “Eat me!” And the mints inside these packs are just as naughty. Just dump a few bags of these bad boys into that bigger bad boy and you’re ready to go. No longer will your guests glare with unease and worry when unwrapped candies fall out of the smashed paper-mache dick. They will no longer need to wonder where their mints have been. They’ve been inside a penis. But inside that penis, they’ve been inside little bags.

    Contains 25 3.1g bags of candy.

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