Peppermint Pecker Mints

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Give Peppermint Peckers to your guests as party favors. Have deliver Peppermint Peckers right to your door with our private shipping methods.

Hot Facts

  • Peppermint Peckers
  • Strong dick mints
  • 20 mints

Item Description

Patty Piper picked a pack of Peppermint Peckers perfect for Polly Pitt's bachelorette party. When people picked a Pecker from the polished package they pigged out, promptly panting with peppermint pungency.

Prevent pizza and pastry perfume! Purchase Peppermint Peckers for your bachelorette party, and participate in perpetuating the proliferation of this potent Peppermint Pecker. Mmm!

Your princess will prize these peppermint peckers above all other presents. Other patrons of her party will pretend not to pout over how perfect your present was, and please, permit them, because privately people know plenty well that yours is the premiere product.

Each tin contains about 20 mints.

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