Dirty Balloons


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The Dirty Balloons are the perfect decoration for a naughty bachelorette's party, as they say "FUCK!" in big letters in a variety of fonts all over them!

Hot Facts

  • 8 Balloons per pack
  • Variety of colors
  • "Fuck" written in many different fonts

  • Item Description

    Does your bachelorette swear a lot? Like, all the time? One of those broads who can’t make it through a sentence without inserting an obscenity that would make a nun go up in flames? Well, we’ve got the decorations for her rollicking bachelorette party!

    The Dirty Balloons say “Fuck” all over them in all kinds of fonts, and the balloons come in all kinds of colors. These silly balloons are tons of fun and are a hit at all kinds of bachelorette parties. The bachelorette can swear up a storm, and no one will dare accuse her of being full of hot air - she can just shift the blame for that onto these balloons!

    8 balloons per package.

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