A 3-Foot Tall Inflatable Penis


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The 3 Foot Blow-Up Willy is the perfect party decoration for a group of girls who want a giant dick at their party, but not TOO giant. Find party supplies like this here at Bachelorette.com

Hot Facts

  • Inflatable Penis
  • 3 Feet Long
  • With Distinct Balls and Head

Item Description

Have you ever looked at a penis and thought, “Damn, I wish it was only about half that long?” No? Never? Only me? Huh. I guess I should stop watching so many Ron Jeremy videos.

Well, maybe you’ve never thought that while looking at a real penis, but chances are it must have at least gone through your head when you saw our six foot inflatable penis. Six whole feet of penis? That’s just excessive. Unwieldy. Certainly not convenient to carry around with you to the bars. What are you supposed to do with something so massive? Use it to rescue cats from trees?

Actually, that doesn’t sound like too bad an idea. I’m going to start a new business venture, where I go around fishing cats out of trees with that giant inflatable dick. I’ll call it the Pussy-Protecting Penis Patrol.

But for the rest of you who actually want something you can use at your Bachelorette Party, instead of a way to save cats and possibly get public indecency charges at the same time, there’s this 3 Foot Blow-Up Willy instead. At a smaller (but still plenty impressive!) three feet long, this inflatable penis is convenient and easy to carry around with you as you hop from bar to bar. Heck, it’s practically travel-sized. The girls will love passing this pecker around, dancing with it, and taking selfies with it, whether you’re at home or out on the town.

Thanks to its relatively compact size, you’ll never have to worry about this penis getting in the way, like you have to with most other penises you encounter in life. Its humble stature also makes it easy to inflate. Not to mention, it’s cheaper than the larger inflatables, which means more money for booze! After a night with this bad boy, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with penises of any other size. You know what they say, once you go three feet long, you can never go wrong!

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