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A Giant 24 Inch Boobie Beach Ball

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The Big Boobie Beach Ball makes a great addition to any bachelor party, whether it's inside or outside. Your guests will love playing with this big boobie!

Hot Facts

  • Big Boobie Beach Ball
  • 24 inches wide
  • Easy to inflate

Item Description

Big Boobie Beach Ball, Big Boobie Beach Ball, Big Boobie Beach Ball. Try saying that five times fast! Spoiler alert: you won’t be able to. Sure, you might be able to move your mouth fast and accurately enough that you would be able to say it. But it’s inevitable that before you can reach the fifth iteration, you’re going to break down laughing. Sorry. It’s just scientifically impossible not to.

The Big Boobie Beach Ball is a fun and unique gift or game that opens a whole new world of possibilities for bachelor parties. A bachelor party at the beach or a public park sounds like a ton of fun, right? But unfortunately, most of the boob-shaped decorations and gag gifts you could use inside probably won’t work too well outside. But the Big Boobie Beach Ball will work perfectly! You don’t even need to worry about offending other beachgoers, because people won’t even be able to tell what it is from far away - unless your uproarious laughter gives it away!

The Big Boobie Beach Ball is flesh-colored with a bright pink nipple centering around the inflation valve. The valve makes it easy to inflate, and pushes inward so as not to ruin the aesthetic effect. The Big Boobie Beach Ball is made of a durable material for maximum inflation, and blows up to a whopping 2 feet in diameter when fully inflated. Now that’s a big boobie!

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