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GILF Blowup Doll SALE
GILF Blowup Doll SALE
GILF Blowup Doll SALE
GILF Blowup Doll SALE
GILF Blowup Doll SALE
GILF Blowup Doll SALE
GILF Blowup Doll SALE

GILF Blowup Doll

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The GILF Blowup Doll is a unique bachelor party blow-up doll that looks like an older lady, complete with stretch marks, a lazy eye, and gray hair!

Hot Facts

  • Easy to Inflate
  • 3 Holes
  • Realistically Detailed
  • Item Description

    So, you want to get some blow-up dolls for the bachelor party, to joke around with the groom on his last night as a single man. Great! We have lots of blowup dolls for just that purpose. But there’s one snafu: let’s just say the groom is a bit of a… cougar hunter. A graverobber. His bride-to-be is the Demi Moore to his Ashton Kutcher. Your standard, “attractive” blowup dolls don’t really align with his tastes. You know what we’re saying.

    Well, that’s where the GILF comes in. If he fantasizes about making love to a woman three times his age - or if you just want to suggest that he fantasizes about making love to women three times his age, for the hilarity that will ensue - then the GILF is exactly the blow up doll you’re looking for. If you don’t know what GILF stands for, well… we’ll tell you when you’re older.

    Because plastic doesn’t really show signs of aging like humans do, the GILF Blowup Doll features a few important differences from regular blowup dolls which let you know her age:

    -Stretch marks on her boobs
    -One lazy eye
    -Gray hair up top and down below
    -Holes are totally devoid of moisture

    Okay, maybe that last one is something she shares in common with most blow-up dolls… but it’s a lot more fitting for the GILF! Whether that’s something that actually turns the groom on or you just want to make fun of him and act like it is, the GILF is sure to be a hilarious hit at your upcoming bachelorette party.

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