Bachelorette Party Goblet and Shot Glass Kit

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This kit is perfect for helping you get your drink on, with 6 shot glasses for everyone to share and a giant drinking chalice for the bride-to-be!

Hot Facts

  • Blinged Out Bride Goblet
  • 6 Shot Glass Necklaces

Item Description

For most girls, bachelorette parties are universally recognized as prime time to get your drink on: after all, it’s your best friend’s last night of freedom; you’d better believe she isn’t going to spend it sober! And since you’re going to be drinking anyways, the Bachelorette Goblet and Shot Glass Kit helps you that drinking gets done with class and style, by the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids alike.

This kit includes:

  • Blinged Out Bride Goblet: Your bachelorette should feel like a queen on her big night, and that means drinking like one! This massive drinking goblet is bright pink and covered in shining silver rhinestones that spell out “BRIDE,” so there can be no confusion about who’s who!

  • Bachelorette Party Shot Glass Necklace Set: This pack of pink and purple shot glasses is perfect for the occasion - one says “I’m the bride” and the other five say “I’m with the bride,” so everyone can get her own shot!
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