Pecker Whistle

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Give the bride-to-be a girls night out she'll never forget with help from The Penis Whistle is perfect for playing games or getting everyone riled up.

Hot Facts

  • A realistic penis whistle
  • Dangles off a pink ribbon

Item Description

The Penis Whistle is a tiny penis that you'll really enjoy blowing. Blowing into, I mean. That's what I said the first time. What did you think I said? Get your mind out of the gutter.

Get your wild group of bachelorette party guests going with the Penis Whistles. They hang on pretty pink ribbons so every guest can wear one around her neck. They are a must-have accessory that's as functional as they are fashionable.

Use them when you're playing games, or to find each other on a bar crawl. These Penis Whistles are perfect whether you're staying home or going out on the town. They capture the whole bachelorette party spirit in an inexpensive and hilarious accessory that everyone will love wearing.

One penis whistle per package.

Note: The appearance of this product has recently changed. While our stock is transitioning from the old to the new appearance, you might receive either of two slightly different looking items, both pictured above.

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