Dicky Selfie Stick - A Hilarious Way to Take Selfies


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The Dicky Selfie Stick extends to over 40 inches long and has a pink penis handle. Get the Dicky Selfie Stick at Bachelorette.com, where we help you plan the best parties.

Hot Facts

  • Bachelorette Party Selfie Stick
  • A real selfie stick with a dick on it
  • Extends to over 40 inches long

Item Description

The Dicky Selfie Stick gives you the most hilarious way to take selfies, ever! Take awesome group selfies at the bachelorette party when you use this selfie stick. It is fully functional, but it has a pink penis handle.

The Penis Selfie Stick grows when you rub it, just like any average penis. Except that the Selfie Stick can grow to a full 40 inches. That's too much penis for most of us, but works great when you're trying to take a group photo.

The Selfie Stick supports most mobile devices, and needs no battery, bluetooth or wifi to work. Have an awesome time taking hilarious photos all night!

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Customer Reviews

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