Rainbow Pecker Bath Bomb


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The Rainbow Pecker Bath Bomb is a perfect gift or party favor for all your bachelor or bachelorette party guests who like to relax in the bath!

Hot Facts

  • Fun Penis Shape
  • Jasmine Scented
  • Rainbow Colors Inside

  • Item Description

    Everyone, get down! The bride-to-be has gone crazy! The caterer messed up *again* and now she’s flown totally off her rocker! She’s got a bomb! SHE’S GOT A BOMB!!!

    … Oh, you mean it’s only a bath bomb? Oh, thank god. I thought it was maybe a little extreme that she was going to blow up her entire bachelorette party just because someone confused Cannoli with Cannelloni. Now we’re not all going to die, we’re just… probably going to smell like jasmine for a while. I guess there are worse fates.

    The Rainbow Pecker Bath Bomb is something just about any woman will enjoy, making it an amazing gift or party favor for your bachelorette party. It’s jam-packed with rainbow colors that will streak throughout the water and turn your tub into a beautiful rainbow paradise. It has a lovely jasmine scent, too, that everyone is sure to love. And best of all, did we mention that the whole thing is shaped like a big pink dong? Because that seems pretty important.

    Net weight 180g / 6.34 oz.

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