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Squeaky Pecker Toy SALE
Squeaky Pecker Toy SALE
Squeaky Pecker Toy SALE

Squeaky Pecker Toy

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The Squeaky Pecker Toy is a hilarious and cute bachelorette party favor that can be enjoyed by humans and dogs alike!

Hot Facts

  • Nearly a Foot Long
  • Loud Squeak
  • Great Party Favor!
  • Item Description

    The Squeaky Pecker Toy makes a great gift for a bachelorette who has one or more dogs as pets. After all, if there’s two things dogs love, it’s squeaky toys and chewing on bones, and this is both of those things! Just, yknow, maybe not quiiiite the type of bone that her dogs are used to. Still, we don’t think they’ll care too much about the difference, as long as it has a satisfying squeak, which it does. And this sort of “bone” toy will go over a lot more hilariously at a bachelorette party than your standard dog toys. Hell, even if she doesn’t have a pet dog, we’d recommend the Squeaky Pecker Toy for any bachelorette party - with enough wine coolers and cosmopolitans going around, you might find some of the bridesmaids with this toy in their mouths by the end of the night!

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