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Squishy Pecker Keychain SALE
Squishy Pecker Keychain SALE
Squishy Pecker Keychain SALE

Squishy Pecker Keychain

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The Squishy Pecker Keychain is a cute and stretchy little penis on a keyring that makes a perfect party favor for all of your guests!

Hot Facts

  • Penis Shaped
  • Super Stretchy
  • Great Party Favor
  • Item Description

    Party Favors are a great way to make sure your guests remember your wild bachelorette party for years to come (especially because, if they get as drunk as they should, they might have trouble remembering it on their own). The only problem is, most party favors are pretty easy to lose. Penis lipstick, penis rings, penis shot glasses… they’re all small, standalone objects that could easily disappear into the depths of a purse or a coat pocket, never to be heard from again.

    If you want to give your guests a party favor that will make sure the memories really stick with them, give them the Squishy Pecker Keychain. It goes right on their keychain, so they’ll never lose it (unless they lose their keys, in which case they’ve got bigger problems). And once it’s on there, it’s gonna be pretty hard to miss. Every time they start their car, there’s a penis, lightly brushing against their hands. Every time they fumble around in their pockets, there’s a penis, ready to greet them. Not to mention, every time they give somebody new a ride in their car, they’re going to have to explain why they have a realistically detailed dick hanging from their ignition. Now that’s a way to keep the raunchy bachelorette party hilarity coming for years to come.

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