Stress Penis

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The Stress Penis is like a stress ball, but you get a little more than just the ball with this raunchy bachelorette party favor!

Hot Facts

  • Penis-Shaped Stress Ball
  • Little Sperms Inside
  • Great Party Favor!

  • Item Description

    Stress balls are great, but y’know, sometimes one ball just won’t cut it. A stress ball is a good way to handle low-level stress, like learning that the girl who was supposed to bring the penis cake got food poisoning and can’t make it, or learning that the bachelorette is allergic to the plastic in the tiara you were going to have her wear. Just give that stress ball a few squeezes and you’ll realize you can easily adapt and overcome those challenges. But what are you supposed to do in high-stress situations? Like if you learn that every single party guest got food poisoning and none of them can make it, or that the bachelorette is allergic to every single decoration you just spent 3 hours hanging up in her house?

    When confronted with such a stressful situation, you’re going to need to take out your rage and frustration on more than just one ball. That wouldn’t be nearly satisfying enough. No, to relieve this level of stress, you’re going to need to squeeze the whole package. Yeah, you know what we mean. One ball, two balls, the whole twig and berries. Just give it a good squeeze and imagine how it would feel if it were actually attached to a guy. Now that’s stress relief.

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