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Get the X-Rated Tattoos from Bachelorette.com, where we help you plan fun, raunchy parties that your bachelorette will love.

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Does the bachelorette want all of her bachelorette party attendees to get matching tattoos? This is where you have to put your foot down for your bridezilla: "Ah, hell no! We are not getting matching star tattoos, I don't care whose wedding it is!"

Instead of booking a night out at the local tattoo parlor, pick up some slutty X-Rated Tattoos. These tattoos are temporary, and they might even get you some action. They say things like, "I love sex," "Hot and horny," and "Squeeze here."

These tattoos will get people at the bar talking. Let the bachelorette pick who gets what tattoo: it's good to give her some control of her own party.

12 temporary tattoos.



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