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Captain Pecker Kit SALE
Captain Pecker Kit SALE
Captain Pecker Kit - Captain Pecker Himself SALE
Captain Pecker Kit SALE
Captain Pecker Kit SALE
Captain Pecker Kit SALE
Captain Pecker Kit SALE

Captain Pecker Party Kit

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The Captain Pecker Party Kit gives you our best-selling inflatable penis, Captain Pecker, plus a pack of photo props and light-up rings so you can take hilarious and memorable photos with him!

Hot Facts

  • Captain Pecker 6' Inflatable Penis
  • 13 Double-Sided Photo Props
  • 6 Light Up Bling Rings

Item Description

Captain Pecker - the Party Wrecker, as we like to call him - is a six foot tall inflatable penis. We know what you’re thinking: why would anyone ever need anything more than that to make their bachelorette party a smash hit? While we can’t deny that Captain Pecker is perfectly capable of making ladies swoon all on his own, he’s even more of a ladykiller when he has support from some wingmen (that is to say, other bachelorette party props and accessories). With this kit, you get Captain Pecker plus two other great products for an unbeatable price.

This kit includes:

  • Captain Pecker: The legend himself.

  • Bachelorette Party Photo Props: All the props in this set share a theme of drinking and getting in trouble with the law - you’re bad, bad girls, after all! Hand out some of these props to all the girls and you’ll be amazed what kind of goofy poses they come up with and what kind of crazy situations they get into to show them off. Just try not to cause so much of a ruckus that you wind up behind jail bars that aren’t just props!

  • Light Up Bling Rings: This pack of six flashing diamond rings is not only a great addition to the photos you’ll take with Captain Pecker; they’ll also help you find each other and stick together during your night out on the town!
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