Something Blue Bachelorette Party Kit

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The Something Blue Kit comes with all the fashion accessories and games you need to make your bachelorette party a lot more fun!

Hot Facts

  • Veil, Tiara and Sash for the Bachelorette
  • Sexy Male Stripper Set
  • Dare to Do It Game

  • Item Description

    How does that old rhyme go, the one about what a bride should wear at her wedding for good luck? “Something moist, some guy’s shoe, week-old nachos, something blue?” No, that doesn’t sound right at all, except that last one. We’re pretty sure that part is right.

    Well, we wish that the Something Blue Kit had written out the whole poem to help us remember what all she’s supposed to wear, but at least it will help the bride-to-be remember that last part. The only problem is, oddly enough... it’s not going to help her actually accomplish that task. Despite the name of this kit, not a single one of the items inside of it is blue. What there IS, however, is a great assortment of accessories to help her have a wild bachelorette party.

    The Something Blue Bachelorette Party Kit includes a classy white veil; an elegant silver tiara; a cute pink sash that reads “Bride To Be;” the ultra-fun Dare To Do It party activity cards; and a “Sexy Male Dancer” set that includes a black bowtie, white collar, and white cuffs. It comes complete with everything you need to make the bachelorette look fabulous, a fun game to play with all the bachelorette party guests, and a little something she can dress the groom up in to help her live out her male stripper fantasies. It’s a great kit to prepare the bachelorette for her upcoming wedding day, even if it doesn’t actually come with anything blue.

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