Mini Boobs Party Pack

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This party pack comes with boobie plates, napkins, balloons, and candles, plus a deck of sexy lady cards, to make planning your bachelorette party a cinch!

Hot Facts

  • 8 Plates, Napkins, and Balloons
  • 5 Boobs Candles
  • Deck of Sexy Lady Cards

  • Item Description

    Okay, here’s a stack of eight plates absolutely covered in pictures of photorealistic boobs to amuse and titillate your bachelor party guests. Not enough tits for your party purposes? Okay, here’s eight napkins, also covered in boobs. What? That’s STILL not enough? Good god, your bachelor party guests must be absolutely insatiable! Alright, guess it’s time to pull out all the stops and bring you a pack of decorations chock full of way, way more boobs than you’ve ever seen in one place before. Except maybe that one night in the sauna in Vegas that we don’t talk about.

    The Mini Boobs Party Pack comes with a ton of useful bachelor party decorations and supplies depicting realistic boobs and sexy women. Included in this kit are:

    • 8 Boobs Plates
    • 8 Boobs Napkins
    • 8 Boobs Balloons
    • 5 Boobs Candles
    • 1 Deck of Sexy Lady Playing Cards

    With a setup that impressive, the only thing missing is a boob cake to stick those candles in, and then I think you just might officially have the boob-iest boob party to ever boob! Oops, I mean to ever exist. I just got carried away talking about all the boobies - and with supplies like these, your guests surely will, too!

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