Bachelorette Wine Pong Game

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Bachelorette Wine Pong is a classier and funner alternative to beer pong that's a perfect game to play at bachelorette parties!

Hot Facts

  • A great drinking game for bachelorette parties
  • Way classier than beer pong
  • Comes with 9 cups and 1 ping pong ball

Item Description

Beer Pong.

If you’re anything like me, the mere sight of those two words probably sent you recoiling back away from your computer screen in horror as you recalled a slew of inebriated half-memories. The phrase almost universally evokes images of dingy, dirty frat house basements that no self-respecting adult would ever set foot in but which, for some now-unfathomable reason, used to be a staple of your Friday nights. Brrrr. Shudder.

Don’t worry, I’m not making you dredge up the memory of those filthy drunken escapades for no reason. Quite the contrary, in fact: I’m here to tell you that finally, a solution is available to save you from those haunting recollections. Finally, the concept of alcoholic “pong” can be reclaimed; can be used to refer to something other than the favorite sport of millions of douchebags worldwide.

Wine Pong.

Now, that sounds a whole lot better, doesn’t it?

Bachelorette Wine Pong is a classier alternative to beer pong, which can be played with wine or any other beverage you and your gal pals are drinking at the bachelorette party. The components are the same as in a game of beer pong - ten plastic cups and a ping pong ball - but the rules are different, to solve some of the biggest problems with beer pong. Instead of restricting the player count to two teams of two, each girl is assigned one of the pink cups (with special rules for the bride’s white cup, of course), so everyone can play at the same time. Rules are in place so that someone is drinking on each throw, no matter where the ball goes, eliminating all the boring downtime that can result from a group of unskilled (or wasted) beer pong players. And last but not least, all the cups are a super-cute combination of pink and white, so there’s no risk of the game being taken over by hyper-masculine Natty Light-chuggers.

Bachelorette Wine Pong is a fun drinking game for bachelorette parties that can be played with any type of alcohol and any number of girls (for fewer than 8 guests, assign multiple cups per person; for more, combine two sets). Each set comes with 8 pink “Bride’s Bitches” cups, 1 white “Bride” cup, and 1 ping pong ball.

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