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Disposable Pecker Cupcake Pans - 6 SALE
Disposable Pecker Cupcake Pans - Six Per Pack SALE

Disposable Penis Cupcake Pans

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The Disposable Pecker Cupcake Pans make 6 penis-shaped cupcakes. Have deliver the Pecker Cupcake Pans right to your door with our private shipping methods.

Hot Facts

  • Disposable Penis-Shaped Cupcake Pans
  • 6 pans per package
  • Make 3 inch penis cupcakes

Item Description

So, you want to make some penis cupcakes. You'll need penis cupcake pans or molds. When you're done with them, we're sure you want to store them in your cupboard next to your Williams and Sonoma Frittata Pans and Silicone Baking Sheets.

Or maybe you don't want evidence of your penis cupcake baking expertise? Yeah, we thought as much. Get some of these cheap disposable cupcake pans. The Disposable Pecker Cupcake Pans come six to a pack and make cute little penis-shaped cupcakes.

The pans are three inches long, with the widest point being 2 inches across. If you're planning on feeding a lot of people, you may want to buy more than one pack of cupcake molds.

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