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White Flesh-Colored Penis Candles SALE
White Flesh-Colored Penis Candles SALE
White Flesh-Colored Penis Candles SALE

Flesh-Colored Penis Candles

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These flesh-colored penis candles make the perfect way to top your penis cake or any other cake you're serving at a bachelorette party!

Hot Facts

  • Flesh-colored
  • 2.5" tall
  • 6 per pack
  • Item Description

    Here at, we try to provide everything that anyone would need to throw a bachelorette party, no matter what their interests or what kind of theme they’re going for. We have some items for country girls, some items for classy girls, some items for girls who just can’t get enough of silly cartoon dicks. So who would a set of penis-shaped candles be for, you ask?

    We won’t beat around the bush: the White Flesh-Colored Penis Candles are for all the girls who have fantasized, at one point or another, about setting some peckers on fire. Just sticking a wick in the tip and watching that dick go up in flames. Which, now that we think about it, is probably pretty much all girls. So, no matter what kind of girl the bachelorette is or who’s invited to the party, these candles will probably be very welcome addition to the atmosphere. These candles are the classic caucasian flesh color that will go with any and all other decorations you’ve chosen for your bachelorette party, and they’ll fill the room with a lovely floral scent. Ahh, nothing says ambiance like burning dicks.

    6 candles per package. Each candle stands 2.5” tall.

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