A Penis Candle for the Cake


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The Make a Wish and Blow Candle is a penis candle for the bachelorette party cake. Get it from Bachelorette.com, where we help you plan the best party.

Hot Facts

  • Make a Wish and Blow
  • A penis candle
  • 3 inches tall; 3 inches wide

Item Description

Make a wish and blow! This oversized penis candle is perfect for the bachelorette party cake. Can you imagine how cool the penis cake will look, covered with penis sprinkles, topped with a penis candle? SO MUCH PENIS.

It's important to collect as many penis items as possible for the bachelorette party. Penis is obviously the best way to celebrate the bachelorette's last night of freedom. Let each penis you present her with represent a new penis she will never get to see, touch, or hold. She'll be honored, touched, and just a little sad.

The Make a Wish and Blow Penis Candle is three inches tall, and three inches across at the widest point. This large candle can go on a penis cake or a regular cake.

1 penis candle.

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