Penis Freezer Pops

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Make your own penis popsicles with this set of four Penis Freezer Pop molds! You can make them non-alcoholic or as boozy as you want!

Hot Facts

  • Make Your Own Penis Popsicles
  • Four per Pack
  • Made of PP Plastic

  • Item Description

    Remember those popsicles you used to eat as a kid that had jokes written on the stick, and you could only see the answer when you finished eating the popsicle? Well, these are a lot like those, but instead of the answer being hidden underneath the popsicle, in this case, it’s the joke that’s hidden. Your unsuspecting friends will be merrily licking away at their fruity (and possibly alcoholic, if you want to make them that way!) treat, totally unaware of the surprise waiting inside. And once they see it, you better believe they’ll be rolling on the floor laughing.

    These pops don’t have the same variety as those popsicle sticks from your youth, though - the joke is the same for all four popsicles in this set. But it’s the funniest joke of all: the male reproductive organ. HAH!

    Pecker Freezer Pops are the perfect sweet treat for your bachelorette party or bridal shower. Just fill the easy-to-use mold with a liquid of your choice (unless your liquid of choice is straight vodka - that won’t freeze very well), pop it in the freezer, and voila! Four tasty treats that will perfectly match all your bachelorette party decor.

    Made from PP Plastic. Makes four popsicles at once.

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