Modular Rainbow Penis Straws

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The Modular Rainbow Penis Straws break apart into different colored segments so you can make your penis as long or short as you want!

Hot Facts

  • Ten Straws per pack
  • Six segments per straw
  • Rainbow colors

  • Item Description

    We sell tons of different penis straws here at, and they come in tons of different colors and styles. Glancing at our penis straws page, you might think that we have quite an impressive variety of sippable schlongs. And while that’s true in some respects, there’s one important quality (some men might say the MOST important quality) where our penis straw selection has been seriously lacking in diversity: length. Pretty much all the straws there are somewhere between 8 and 12 inches long. And sure, maybe those are representative of the average penis size, but it fails to take into account everyone that falls outside that average range. Why, real penises can range anywhere from 3 inches long to over 5 feet. And it’s about time penis straws reflected that.

    That’s where the Modular Rainbow Penis Straws come in. This pack comes with 10 penis straws, each decorated in a rainbow of six colors. But the best part is: each color is its own detachable segment, which can be split apart and re-combined to make a penis straw as short or as long as seems appropriate, based on your own experience. The penis heads are all red, but, you can make a straw of whatever length and whatever combination of colors you desire. This is super convenient if the “standard” sized straw is too big or too small for the cups or glasses that you’re drinking from. Or, you could probably play all sorts of fun games with them too, like trying to guess the groom’s size by adding one segment at a time... that is, if there’s enough segments in the entire pack to even come close ;)

    10 straws per pack.

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