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Jolly Pecker Pop SALE
Jolly Pecker Pop SALE
Jolly Pecker Pop - One per Package SALE
Jolly Pecker Pop - Fruity Flavors SALE

Fruity Penis Pop

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Give her a tasty penis she'll enjoy sucking. Have deliver Jolly Pecker Pops right to your door with our private shipping methods.

Hot Facts

  • Jolly Pecker Pops
  • Assorted flavors

Item Description

When you told her you'd get her some hard candy for her bachelorette party, she probably wasn't thinking about hard penis candy. That's okay, because a Jolly Pecker Pop is always a pleasant surprise. Your bachelorette will love sucking on it all night at her party.

Jolly Pecker Pops come in irresistible sweet flavors that all your guests will enjoy. Get a penis sucker for each guest. Suck on them in the privacy of your own home or take them out to the bar to tease the boys.

1 Jolly Pecker Pop per package.

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