Liquored Up Light Up Penis Pop

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The Liquored Up Light Up Penis Pop is a tasty treat as well as a bright addition to your Bachelorette Party get-up, all at once!

Hot Facts

  • Pink Velvet Flavor
  • Colorful LED inside, batteries included
  • Contains no alcohol

Item Description

“Liquored up light up penis pop, liquored up light up penis pop, liquored up light up penis pop” - try saying that ten times fast! It’ll probably be pretty difficult, especially when your mouth is otherwise occupied... by licking and sucking this delicious light-up treat!

The Liquored Up Light Up Penis Pop is an alcohol-flavored, penis-shaped lollipop that comes on a magic wand. Okay, you got us, it’s not really a magic wand. But the stick does have an LED in it that makes the penis pop light up in a variety of rainbow colors. When you wave it around, you’ll definitely feel like some kind of boozy perverted fairy godmother!

As for the flavor, the packaging says “Pink Velvet” flavor, but that’s not any kind of alcohol we’ve ever heard of. It definitely tastes fruity but it’s hard to say what fruit; it’s sort of like a pina colada but not quite. It is pretty tasty, though. Of course, there is no real alcohol in this sucker, it just tastes kind of like it - which is probably for the best, since you’ll be getting plenty of booze in at the party as it is!

One light-up penis pop. Batteries included. Contains no alcohol.



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