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Big Rainbow Penis Lollipop

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SKU: BP25795
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The Rainbow Lollipop from has every color and flavor that you'd expect from such a well rounded snack item. It has someone for everyone as long as they don't mind the shape.

Hot Facts

  • It's big
  • It's Rainbow Colored
  • It's a big, ugly, rainbow colored penis lollipop

Item Description

When it comes to implied fellatio on a penis shaped lollipop there are two schools of thought. The first school insists on realism and authenticity in their penis pop. They want it to look, feel, and in extreme cases taste like the real thing. The other school recognizes how ridiculous it is for a lollipop to be shaped like a penis. They aren't seeking realism but rather a lollipop and easy laughs.

The Rainbow Lollipop is for those who don't mind a penis pop playing pretend. It is a four inch spiral of flavor and color that could only pass as realistic in psychedelic eras. Nonetheless, it's a great tasting sucker. That my friends is the real thing.

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