Multicolored Bendy Penis Straws

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Multicolored Bendy Penis Straws are a fun way to drink your bachelorette party drinks! With eight per pack in four different colors, everyone can suck one!

Hot Facts

  • Detailed Penises
  • Four Colors
  • 8 per Pack

  • Item Description

    Of all the penis-themed bachelorette party decorations and supplies out there, few are more vital or more hilarious than penis straws. After all, you’re literally sucking a little dick when you drink through them. There’s no end to the jokes that can (and will) be made about that. And if you’re going to suck a dick, you probably want to suck a high-quality dick. That’s why sells only the best penis straws on the market, like these Multicolored Bendy Penis Straws.

    Multicolored Bendy Penis Straws, like the name suggests, come in a random assortment of 4 different colors, which is useful for differentiating one guest’s drink from another’s. They’re also bendy straws, which are a lot easier to drink from than regular straws. And best of all, their penises are removable from the straw and made of a hard plastic instead of straw material. This way, you can keep having fun with these penises all night long, even when you’re done drinking from the straws!

    8 straws per pack.

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