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Rainbow Penis Balloons at the Bachelorette Party SALE

Colorful Penis Balloons

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Use the Rainbow Penis Balloons to add spunk to your gathering. Plan your naughty bachelorette party with -- we won't tell!

Hot Facts

  • Rainbow Penis Balloons
  • Penis-shaped balloons
  • 8 penis balloons per package

Item Description

When I was a kid, I used to love the clowns that could make animals out of balloons. I would take them home (the balloons, not the clowns) and display them for weeks, even though they would always shrink and get wrinkled. I didn't care. Even long after everyone else in the house just saw a wrinkly, crumpled pink pile, I still saw my awesome balloon giraffe.

So you can imagine my excitement when we received these Rainbow Penis Balloons! These are like balloon animals, without all the trouble of having to go to clown college to learn how to properly make them. Also, instead of animals, they're penises, which nowadays I find much funnier and cuter.

Each package includes 8 penis balloons that are 22" when fully erect. These naughty balloons make great bachelorette party decorations. This pack includes a cream colored balloon and a brown balloon. We'll call these the "healthy penis balloons." The bag also includes pink, blue, and purple balloons. We can call these the "diseased penis balloons." But we call all of them "super fun penis balloons," and we're pretty sure your guests won't complain no matter what color they get.

You may feel kind of silly blowing up penis balloons, but it is well worth it for the great time you and your guests will have looking at them, batting them around, and—dare I say it?—popping them. Check out our bachelorette party ideas and advice page for a cool bachelorette party game that you can play with these balloons. We include pictures and step-by-step instructions.

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