Rainbow Penis Confetti Gun


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The Rainbow Penis Confetti Gun is a rainbow penis-shaped gun that shoots out rainbow penis-shaped confetti - what could be better than that?

Hot Facts

  • Rainbow-colored gun
  • Rainbow penis confetti
  • Comes with two cartridges

  • Item Description

    Freeze! Put your hands in the air! Don’t make any sudden movements, or I’ll shoot you... with a bunch of rainbow confetti penises!

    It may sound ridiculous, but your guests will know that’s no empty threat when you level the Rainbow Penis Confetti Gun at them. This colorful contraption has a penis-shaped muzzle, which shoots smaller penises out of it when the trigger is pressed. We’re pretty sure that penises don’t actually shoot smaller penises in real life - although sex would be a lot more hilarious if they did, huh?

    Your guests will find it so funny being showered with a spray of rainbow-colored mylar penis confetti that it won’t even bother them that they have to clean little pieces of confetti out of their hair and clothes afterward. You could even make a game of it. Whoever picks up the most confetti penises gets to shoot the gun next. Voila, the burden of cleaning all those little pieces up has been totally lifted from you as all the girls scramble to earn the right to be the next willy weapon wielder. Pretty smart, eh?

    Comes with two cartridges, each of which fires six confetti shots.

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