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Highlight all your bridesmaids have done for the bride to be with these cute buttons. Plan the perfect bachelorette party at

Hot Facts

  • Bridesmaid Button
  • Let all your guests know who the bridesmaids are
  • Celebrate your bridesmaids' hard work

Item Description

Let party guests know who you are with this pink button that reads "Bridesmaid." Just think of all the good it could do you. Perhaps people will express their condolences regarding the horrible peach colored poofy dress you have to wear at the wedding. Maybe they will sympathize with you for dealing with the bridezilla's outlandish pre-marriage behavior. Maybe a hot guy will even buy you drinks in the hopes that you'll invite him to the wedding.

Haha. Don't hold your breath. Being a bridesmaid is just one of the world's thankless jobs, and someone's got to do it. And you can wear this badge with pride knowing that even though people might not go out of their way to be extra-nice to you because of it, they'll definitely notice it and silently give you the respect you deserve.

The Bridesmaid Button is a must at any bachelorette party. Not only will it look stylish and go great with any outfit, it is a great way to identify yourself as an important part of the party who should not be trifled with. Plus, you can get a matching button for the bride to show off the bond you share!

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