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Penis Ring Pop - A Debutante's Dilemma SALE
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Penis Lollipop Ring

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Laugh as your good-girl friends start sucking on little dicks in public. Give them the penis ring pop and watch what happens.

Hot Facts

  • Edible Penis Ring Lollipops
  • A penis sucker on a ring
  • One size fits all

Item Description

Oh my god, oh my god, ohmygod! The penis ring pop is a debutante's dilemma. Like, it's sort of a ring, you know, so it's almost jewellllry, but on the other hand it's sort of a penis, so it's kinda grossss. So, I don't know what to do.

I mean, penises aren't really gross, right? I mean, in health class, they just told us that they are part of the body, so nothing to get freaked out over, and I guess I like sex, but I don't really need to suck on it, do I? Well, maybe after a few drinks and if he is really hot, but normally, no.

Also, I'm not sucking on a penis in public, that's sooo not me. That's tramp city.

I like candy though, and ring pops were always my favorite. This ring pop comes in Grape, Cherry, and Strawberry flavors. You don't get to pick what flavor you get, some handsome dude in the warehouse just reaches his hand into a bin and grabs yours, counts them, and puts them in a box. They are wrapped though, so it's not like he is touching your candy.

I like rings too. Jewelry is always appropriate. The more the better. I have 8 fingers (thumb rings are OUT!) and even a toe or two is up for grabs during sandally weather. So, there is plenty of room for jewels.

I guess that is the dilemma, wear it and suck it or leave it alone. You will have to decide, because I just can't. Too much pressure!




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