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PInk Maid of Honor Button

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Make sure everyone knows who to thank after the party with the Maid of Honor Button. Have deliver your order right to your door with our private shipping methods.

Hot Facts

  • Maid of Honor Button
  • A button that identifies the Maid of Honor

Item Description

Let your party guests know who you are with the Maid Of Honor Button. You might be wondering why you'd want to do that. Well, there are a couple reasons.

You'll want to be easily identifiable in case of bachelorette party emergencies, like an intoxicated bride or a fist fight over who won Pin the Macho on the Man. If you are easily identifiable, everyone will know who to turn to to sort things out.

Also, if you go out to the bars and the bachelorette has a bit too much to drink (... why are we saying "if" ?), it will put the bartender at ease to know that there's someone there who's got her back.

And finally, you just plain deserve some recognition for everything you're doing to make this party a success. Including the above two reasons to wear the button.

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