PInk Flashing Bachelorette Sash

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Accessorize your bachelorette for her big night out with the Flashing Pink Bachelorette Sash. Plan the perfect bachelorette party with the help of

Hot Facts

  • Flashing Pink Bride To Be Sash
  • Soft pink with dark pink lettering
  • Blinking red lights

Item Description

Adorn your bachelorette with the Flashing Pink Bachelorette Sash. She'll look beautiful in this soft pink sash.

The Flashing Pink Bachelorette is light pink and features dark pink lettering. Five blinking red lights adorn the front of the sash. The Flashing Bachelorette Sash is easy to turn on. There is a pocket on the inside of the sash that contains the on/off switch.

Take your bachelorette out on the town for her bachelorette party in the Flashing Pink Bachelorette Sash. Everyone will see her!

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