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The Glowing Bracelet and Ball Set will illuminate your party. Buy this glowing kit from Bachelorette.com and your credit card statement will simply read: "PriveCo Inc."

Hot Facts

  • A Glowing Bracelet and Ball Set
  • Easy to activate and connect
  • Great for parties, dances or outdoor fun

Item Description

These Glow Bracelets will be a big hit at your bachelorette party, whether you're heading to a bar or meeting up for a picnic outdoors.

The Glow Bracelet set contains lots of glowing pieces, which are essentially bendable glow sticks. These pieces glow in all sorts of bright, neon colors. You can attach some glow sticks to form glowing bracelets for your guests to wear, and attach others to form a big glowing ball to play with.

This set is great to play with while dancing at the bar, or during an outdoor party after the sun sets. The Glowing Bracelet and Ball set is easy to activate and stays glowing for hours.

50 pieces, including connectors.

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