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The Rainbow Light-Up Pecker Flower Necklace is the perfect accessory for your bachelorette or bridesmaid's outfit to show the world that they're fun, colorful, and a little bit naughty!

Hot Facts

  • Rainbow plastic flowers
  • Colorful light-up penises
  • One size fits all

Item Description

If you’ve ever visited or Hawaii, or been to a Hawaii-themed party, you’ve probably heard the classic joke: “Congratulations, you just got lei’d!” as someone drapes a wreath of flowers around your neck. It’s an amusing play on words, but it’s gotten a bit stale by now. But if you’ve been wondering how you could take that joke a step further, here’s the perfect solution. The Light-Up Pecker Flower Necklace brings a whole new meaning to “lei” and “getting lei’d.”

The Rainbow Light-Up Pecker Flower Necklace is a string of imitation flowers in a rainbow of colors with a secret lurking beneath the underbrush - half a dozen tiny colorful dicks are scattered amongst the flowers. And even better, they light up! This necklace is sure to make your party guests and any random passerby stop and look twice to figure out what it is that’s glowing in there - then double over in laughter once they figure it out! The Rainbow Light-Up Pecker Flower Necklace makes a great way to distinguish the bride-to-be, or to identify your entire party. It’s hard to get lost at the bar or club when all you need to do is look for the group with flowers and flashing dicks around their necks!

Takes 3 LR44 batteries, included.



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