White Diamante Bride to Be Sash


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Hot Facts

  • White Diamante Bride to Be Sash
  • White sateen with pink print

Item Description

The White Diamante Bride to Be Sash is one of our nicer sashes. This silky, gemstone-studded sash features bright pink print that reads, "Bride to be." On either side of the pink writing, small gemstones spell out "Bachelorette." This sash just screams class and elegance. Or, rather, says it politely at an appropriate volume.

The White Diamante Bride to Be Sash looks best over a black tank or t-shirt. That way it will really stand out, and so will your bachelorette! But it will really go with just about anything.

This sash goes especially well with Bride to Be Tiaras, buttons, and other accessories. It's not that she'll need anything other than this large-print sash to advertise who she is to people. But it's a commonly known fact that the more things a bachelorette is wearing that say "Bride to Be" or "Bachelorette," the better time she has. Maybe she just loves being covered in reminders of how this night is for her and her alone.

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