Pink Pecker Cup with Lid

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The Pink Penis Cup is a great way to contain the bachelorette's drink in a penis. Get it at, where we help you plan the best bachelorette party.

Hot Facts

  • Pink Penis Cup
  • Perfect for mixed drinks
  • With lid and straw

Item Description

Drink out of a penis, you say? Why, I never!! Except for all those times in college. Now that I'm married, I only drink out of a penis once a year. And I definitely spit.

The Super Thirsty Cock Cup is a much tastier way to drink from a penis, I assure you. The Super Thirsty Cock Cup is a cup that holds her favorite mixed drink, and is topped with a snap-on penis head. It comes with a straw, which also snaps closed. Keep the bachelorette's drinks contained and she won't spill, no matter how wasted she gets.

Grab one Super Thirsty Cock Cup for the bachelorette, or get a few for the bridal party. These cups travel well in the limo, or you can use them at the at-home bachelorette party.

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