A Heat Changing Mug with a Surprise


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The Heat Changing Heart Mug is a great gag gift for the bachelorette to drink out of at her bachelorette party. For best results, don't tell her beforehand... just pour in a hot drink and watch her reaction!

Hot Facts

  • Mug changes with heat
  • Starts with a cute heart
  • Becomes a naughty message

Item Description

Aww, what a cute mug you have there! Just has a cute little heart on it. That’s adorable. There’s so many pictures of dicks on everything these days, wouldn’t everything be nicer if everything was just cute and loving like this? Here, let me fill that up with some nice hot coffee for you.

Wait... wait a minute. What’s happening to your mug? Something else is appearing on it. It says... it says... Oh. Well now. That’s not so cute after all, is it.

With the Heat Changing Heart Mug, everyone’s in for a hilarious and naughty surprise. At first, this mug seems to just have a picture of a heart on it. But once you fill it with hot liquid, the rest of the message magically appears: “I HEART SEX.”

The Heat Changing Heart Mug makes a great gag gift for the bachelorette, or a prize for a bachelorette party game, or a container to drink out of during the bachelorette party. For best results, don’t tell the person you’re giving the mug to what it is ahead of time. Just let them fill it up with something warm and watch their face change as the mug changes. They’ll be shocked to see what they’re suddenly proclaiming, but notice, most of the time, they won’t deny it!

Holds approximately 16 ounces.

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