A Classy Penis Champagne Glass


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The Penis Champagne Glass is embellished with a light-up penis. Get it at Bachelorette.com, where we make bachelorette party planning a breeze!

Hot Facts

  • Penis Champagne Glass
  • With a light-up pecker
  • Plastic

Item Description

Do you have problems deciding whether the bachelorette is classy as all hell ... or a totally trashy skank? Does she often spend evenings fine dining and sipping champagne, only to wake up in a bush missing her panties? Does she spend hundreds of dollars on silky sheets, and ruin them with the stains of late-night pizza rolls? Does she enjoy traveling to beautiful foreign countries simply because she needs a break from America's intense hygiene standards?

If you have a bachelorette who enjoys only the best and worst things in life, get her the Light Up Penis Champagne Glass. This plastic champagne flute holds her favorite bubbly, and also holds a tiny light up penis. It's the perfect marriage of good and evil, of high-brow and low, of classy and trashy.

The Light Up Penis Champagne Glass flashes a rainbow of LED colors, as if its penis had an alien raver STD. It's perfect for night clubs, raves, and the limo ... as well as laughs and great pictures.

1 Penis Champagne Glass.

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