Flashing Penis Shot Glass


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The flashing penis shot glass has an erect penis protruding from the bottom. The penis flashes different colors.

Hot Facts

  • A Plastic Shot Glass
  • With a flashing penis inside it

Item Description

The Flashing Penis Shot Glass might be the coolest shot glass we've ever seen. It isn't the cheapest drinkware out there though, but that's the price you pay for high fashion!

The Flashing Penis Shot Glass looks just like a normal shot glass—except for the penis that stands erect in the bottom! Press the button on the underside of the glass and the penis begins flashing blue, green and red. Yes, that's what we mean by "flashing penis." What did you think we meant? Gross.

This is a great shot glass to take to the bar for your bachelorette party, or to use at home. Just light it up and shoot it down! You might want to get a few so your guests don't get jealous. Because they will get jealous. How could they not?

The flashing shot glass itself comes in a variety of colors which compliment the colored lights nicely. The glasses are the standard shot glass size, and are easy to turn on and off. Batteries are included so you'll be ready to drink right when you pull these out of the package. You will receive a random colored shot glass with your order.

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