Light Up Rainbow Pecker Shot Glass

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The Light Up Rainbow Pecker Shot Glass combines all the best things you could want at your bachelorette party: rainbows, lights, penises, and hard liquor!

Hot Facts

  • Rainbow colored with colorful LEDs
  • Light up penis inside
  • Holds one shot

Item Description

Recently, we took a survey of some of the world’s foremost shot glass aficionados. How do you get to be a shot glass aficionado? Well, it’s a long and complicated process that involves binge-drinking like a college freshman for years and years, but that’s not the point. The point is, we surveyed these shot glass aficionados, and learned that these are the qualities they look for most in a shot glass:

5. Rainbow-colored

4. Lights up

3. On a necklace so you can’t lose it

2. Has a little plastic penis hiding inside of it

1. Made of solid gold

And guess what? The Light Up Rainbow Pecker Shot Glass meets all of those rigid criteria. Well, okay, all but one (we’ll let you guess which). And if it’s good enough for all those shot glass aficionados, you better believe that all the guests at your party are going to love it. Just slip the stretchy neon necklace around your neck and hit the town (or the bar you set up in the comfort of your own home) without fear of losing your delightful drinking device. Wow your friends and strangers with its colorful blinking LEDs, and try not to laugh all the liquor back up when you shoot it back and see the blinking penis staring back at you from within! With the training you’ll get from using this top-of-the-line model, you just might be qualified to be a shot glass aficionado in no time!

Holds approximately one standard shot (1.5 oz) of liquid.



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