Penis Syringe Shot

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The Penis Syringe Shot is a fun and raunchy way to administer tequila shots or whatever else you and your girlfriends are drinking at the bachelorette party!

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    Have you ever heard having sex referred to as “getting a hot beef injection?” No? You mean that’s not a popular slang term? Dang, my friends really were huge perverts. I had one friend in particular who used to say she was getting a hot beef injection whenever she had a booty call. And she had a lot of booty calls. I couldn’t even count how many times I’ve heard that phrase.

    Well, now it’s got a whole new meaning. Now you can get a literal hot beef injection thanks to the Penis Syringe Shot. Well, okay, maybe not quite literal. I wouldn’t recommend filling this syringe with actual hot beef. A nice mixed drink or beer will taste much, much better. Hell, even a straight shot of everclear would probably taste better than a shot of hot beef. But whatever you choose to fill it with, the Penis Syringe Shot is one of the most hilarious and fun ways to take shots at your bachelorette party, whether your friends are familiar with “hot beef injections” or not!

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