Blue Diamond Veil

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The Blue Diamond Veil is an elegant and stylish blue veil with shining diamonds scattered throughout. The perfect fashion accessory for the bride to be!

Hot Facts

  • Blue tulle
  • Shining diamonds throughout
  • Clips into hair

  • Item Description

    Tired of seeing bachelorette party veil after bachelorette party veil all in the same exact color? Sure, maybe it’s tradition for the wedding veil to be white, but who the bachelorette party is a time to get wild, not conform to stuffy old marriage traditions. If your bachelorette wants to mix it up and look a little more hip while still retaining that matrimonial look, the Blue Diamond Veil is just the thing for her. This elegant yet stylish veil is made of blue tulle, and features shiny silver diamond ring-shaped pieces dotting it throughout. It comes with an attached hair clip that makes it easy to fasten to the bride’s head, no matter what style she wants to complement with it.

    One veil.

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