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Our Bachelorette Party Veil is a very good quality veil to give to a bachelorette for her bachelorette party. The bachelorette is going to have a great time wearing our most popular and best bachelorette party veil.

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  • The Bachelorette Party Veil
  • Dress up your bachelorette
  • A high-quality homemade veil

Item Description

Our Bachelorette Party Veil is a good quality veil to give to a bachelorette for her bachelorette party. The bachelorette will look beautiful wearing our best and most popular veil. Why is this our most popular veil? Here's a few reasons.

For one thing, it's very affordable. I won't tell you what my real wedding veil cost, but I will say that it was a heckuva lot more than $6.49. If you want a veil for the bachelorette party, this one is a great choice. It uses a full yard of fine nylon tulle and attaches using a barrette. It will fit anyone, even those with very short hair.

Another reason is that they're custom made. In early 2004, we started dealing with a new supplier for this product. We felt our prior supplier was not using the best quality materials in the veil and were unhappy with the small amount of material they were using. It seemed like the veils we had been getting were a little bit flat and inexpensive looking.

We developed a unique solution to the problem by enlisting the help of Tom's mom (Tom is the owner of PriveCo and Bachelorette.com). Tom's mom had recently retired and was looking for a way to make some cash. We asked her if she wanted to make a new and improved veil for us.

Carol (that is Tom's mom's name) is quick with a glue gun and an inventive business woman. Using her skills, she has earned the new title of Queen of Bachelorette Party Veils. And that's where the rest of the reasons why this is our most popular veil come from. She found better quality materials, used more of them, and set up shop in her basement. She turns out batches of 50 veils for us on a regular basis. We pay the same amount we always paid and she makes a little bit of cash to spend on her grandkids. You get a better quality veil, too.

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