Diamond Ring-Shaped Headband and Veil


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The Diamond Ring Headband and Veil is one of our most unique accessories for the Bachelorette to wear here at Bachelorette.com. She might think it's kind of silly at first, but she'll grow to love wearing it all night!

Hot Facts

  • Diamond Ring Headband and Veil
  • Featuring a massive plush diamond ring
  • One size fits all headband

Item Description

All the stress surrounding an upcoming wedding can lead the bride-to-be to forget some pretty basic and important things. Trust us, we’ve seen it happen all the time, and it’s truly tragic. In a flurry of planning, organizing, checking up on things, and planning some more, young brides may forget seemingly unforgettable details like the color of their wedding dress, or what the dinner options are for the reception, or their fiance’s name. Or, in the most severe and extreme of cases, she may even forget where she’s supposed to wear her wedding ring.

Does it go on her foot? Her shoulder? Does she wear it like an earring, or a belly button ring? There are so many body parts, so many possibilities. What is she going to do? Where is she going to put it?

Oh, of course! That’s right! The top of her head! It goes around the top of her head. Yep, that seems right, absolutely. There’s only one problem. It’s so small! How do they expect anyone to be able to fit such a tiny ring around their entire head? Not even a baby’s head is small enough for that! What were they thinking when they designed this ring? What was her fiance thinking when he picked it out?

But worry not, because here comes Bachelorette.com to the rescue with a ring that’s much more well-suited to its intended positioning atop her dome. The Diamond Ring Headband and Veil comes attached to a flexible yellow headband, so it’ll fit heads of any size. The headband holds in place a magnificent, glimmering ring of nearly 4 inches in diameter, much less likely to get lost in the curls of her hair than the tiny ring her fiance got her. And, it even comes with a veil attached - that’s two parts of her wedding outfit taken care of in one fell swoop! You can feel the stress melting away already.

The Diamond Ring Headband and Veil is a fun and unique accessory that your bachelorette can wear at the bachelorette party to really stand out. No risk of confusing her with a bridesmaid with this accessory - who else would be wearing a giant diamond ring and veil on their head? Who else would be driven crazy enough to wear any kind of ring on their head at all?

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