Light-Up Pecker Headband

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You can make the bachelorette's outfit really "pop!" with this light-up pecker headband, the perfect accessory for a bachelorette party!

Hot Facts

  • LED Lights
  • Batteries Included
  • One Size Fits All

  • Item Description

    Picture this: you’re at the most popular club in town on a busy Friday night, celebrating your best friend’s bachelorette party. Somehow, in the haze of alcohol and music and dancing and more alcohol, you’ve found yourself separated from the rest of the party - and desperately needing to pee, to boot. You stumble your way through the crowd, searching for a familiar face (or a toilet, whichever comes first). You make your way to the bathroom, and suddenly the door swings wide open, and to your utter disbelief you find yourself faced with...

    A real live alien! Your pulse races as you watch its antennae bounce around wildly, glowing and flashing with an eerie pink light. It opens its mouth to speak: “Take me to the leadah...”

    Wait, no, that’s close, but not quite what it said. It sounded more like - could it be? - you could have sworn it said, “Take me to tequila.”

    Oh, wait a minute. Duh. That’s not an alien. That’s just the bride to be, on the prowl for another shot of Jose. You only mistook her for an alien because she was wearing the Light-Up Pecker Headband (and definitely only for that reason, not because she has the facial structure of David Bowie and Tilda Swinton’s secret lovechild...)

    The Light-Up Pecker Headband is a hilarious accessory for the bride-to-be to wear if she wants even more attention at her bachelorette party. It features a cute pink and silver tuft of feathers, nestled between two cartoonish bright pink penises that stick out of her head like antennae. A switch on the back of the headband makes it easy to turn the flashing lights inside the penises on or off, so she can decide on the fly whether she wants lots of attention or LOTS of attention. And as long as none of the guests have recently watched a few too many sci-fi horror movies and drank a few too many cocktails, she probably won’t even have to worry about being zapped with a Men-In-Black-style laser gun. Probably.

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