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Pecker Veil SALE
Pecker Veil SALE
Pecker Veil SALE
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Pecker Veil SALE

Pecker Hairclip and Veil - Classy and Raunchy!

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SKU: BP8291
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The Pecker Hairclip and Veil is one of those rare bachelorette accessories that walks the fine line between classy and raunchy, and here at, we love it for that.

Hot Facts

  • Pecker Hairclip and Veil
  • An elegant white veil that clips into hair
  • Features eight plastic penises

Item Description

So the bachelorette’s insisting that she wear a veil at her bachelorette party - but it can’t be as nice as her wedding veil, but it can’t be a piece of trash, either. And this is, of course, after she also requested a very specific and obscure brand of cake frosting, and made you check every party store in the area for the lowest price on the decorations for the party. After all these unreasonable requests, you’re itching to play a bit of a prank on her. Well, we’ve got a solution that will make you both happy.

Step One: Buy this Pecker Hairclip and Veil.
Step Two: Keep it folded up, and only show her the side that the little plastic penises aren’t attached to. She’ll think it looks perfect. Taking care not to reveal the penile surprise on the other side, clip it to the back of her head - the attached hairclip will clip to short or long hair.
Step Three: Try not to giggle too much when people start making raunchy and silly comments about her headwear and she can’t figure out what they could possibly be talking about.

It’s a foolproof plan. As long as, you know, she doesn’t insist on seeing the whole veil. Even if she does, though, she might decide she wants to wear it anyways. It’s a high-quality veil that blends the classiness of chic white fabric and a floral headband with the silliness of eight plastic dicks on the back. Whether the bride-to-be knows it yet or not, she’s going to have a hilarious time wearing this veil around at her party.

Note: The appearance of this product has recently changed. While our stock is transitioning from the old to the new appearance, you might receive either of two slightly different looking items, both pictured above.

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