Top Ten Bachelorette House Party Games

Throwing your bachelorette party at one of the girls' houses can be a great way to save money compared to the bar or club. And with the money you're saving on that, you'll be able to afford all sorts of fun games for your bachelorette party! Here are's Top Ten Games for a Bachelorette House Party.


What the F*ck Game#10: What the F*ck? Game

The What the F*ck? line of games may not be specifically designed with Bachelorette parties in mind, but that doesn't mean they can't be tons of fun to play at them! In these games, you and your friends will take turns answering some truly outrageous questions!

51 Drinking Games#9: 51 Best Drinking Games

Why buy just one game when you can get 51 all in one?! This game collection includes the components and rules for 51 different drinking games that involve cards, dice, and ping pong balls. The perfect assortment if you're trying to get drunk!

Bachelorette Mad Libs#8: Bachelorette Party Mad Libs

Bachelorette Mad Libs are a versatile game for any kind of party because they're exactly as naughty or classy as your friends' minds are! If your group of girlfriends loves to use their imagination (and to laugh!), this bachelorette party twist on a classic game should be a smash hit.

Ball Toss Game#7: Ball Toss Game

In this raunchy and silly dexterity game, you'll try to score points by throwing balls into, well, a different sort of balls. This game can be played indoors or out, so we particularly recommend it if you're having a summer bachelorette party out on the lawn!

Dueling Dicks#6: Dueling Dicks

Dueling Dicks is a jousting game where two fighters strap on inflatable penises and whack at one another with them until one falls in battle. Okay, so it may not have the best designed scoring and rules of all the games out there, but we think you'll all be too busy laughing to care about that.

Dickhead Hoopla#5: Dick Head Hoopla

Dick Head Hoopla is a ring toss game, like horseshoes, but with a much naughtier and much much sillier target: a penis sticking out of your friend's head! This game comes with a plastic dick you can strap to your head, and colorful rings to try and land around it.

Willy Whack-It Pinata#4: Willy Whack-It Pinata

There's nothing quite as satisfying as smashing a penis into millions of tiny penises and watching candy fly out. A penis pinata, that is! Don't try this with a real penis! Try it with Willy Whack It instead, because he comes with some silly face stickers that you can add on to make smashing him open even more hilarious.

Would You Ever? Game#3: Would You Ever / Did You Ever?

It can't all be about penises! Would You Ever / Did You Ever is a game where you and your friends will ask each other questions about what you have done or what you would do if given the opportunity. It's not covered in dicks like a lot of other bachelorette party games, making it good for classier parties, but that doesn't mean things won't get naughty if your friends want them to!

Jizz Drinking Game#2: Jizz Drinking Game

The Jizz Drinking Game is a lot of things. It's an adult version of the classic game "Pie Face." It's one of the nastiest, naughtiest products we sell at And it's a drinking game that also functions as a way to serve your drinks. If you want to know what all the fuss is about with one of our newest bestsellers, just give it a few pumps and see what happens!

Pin the Macho on the Man#1: Pin the Macho on the Man

You've probably been playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey at birthday parties since you were, like, three years old, right? Well now you've grown up, and it's time that Pin the Tail on the Donkey did too. Pin the Macho on the Man is its adult counterpart, where you get blindfolded and try to stick a variety of hilarious cartoon members on a poster of a sexy man. It's our #1 favorite game for an at-home bachelorette party!